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Advancement of Women

Janet A. Khan & Peter J. Khan

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The book Advancement of Women “is about a belief system that stands unique in the field of religion, in the magnitude of its commitment to the advancement of women. …[it] provides a detailed treatment of the aims, actions, and accomplishments of the worldwide Bahá’í community in its pursuit of the vast task before it-that of dismantling the barriers to the liberation of women and of creating a dynamic and supportive community of men and women united in their commitment to the worthy ideal of the equality of the sexes. The book illustrates the crucial role the equality principle plays in achieving unity and freedom for both women and men at all levels of society… The book is written with the aim of sharing information and innovative strategies with all who seek to foster universal recognition of the equality of women and men and who yearn for the full participation of women in all aspects of life.” (Excerpted from Advancement of Women)