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How to get eBooks

  1. Identify Your Device (see chart below).
  2. If you have not already done so, choose and download the appropriate app/software (see the links further down the page and read the company’s website for instructions).
  3. For additional information regarding certain devices, click on Links to Websites below where we have added additional comments. If you would like more instruction, send us a comment on our Contacts page.
  4. Once the app/software is installed on your device, select the format your software uses – .epub for everything except Kindle which uses .mobi.  Click or Tap .ePub or Kindle (.mobi) – located on the right side of our home screen and just under the banner.  The default is currently set to .ePub.
  5. On the iPad, you must use the Safari Browser to download the eBooks.  Only Safari allows you to download files onto Apps.  Chrome does NOT work.

How to download all books as a Zip File

Each page has a zip file tab – download all books – but this tab only downloads the books on that screen.  As the Home Screen only shows New and Updated Books, the Zip File only has the most recent 30 eBooks.  If you wish to download ALL our books by language, go to either the AUTHOR page or the BOOKS BY TITLE page.  If you download all eBooks onto your iPad or other tablet, you need to have an App which can unzip the file.  You will still most likely need to move each eBook individually.

Software formats supported by eReaders

Software format Device
.epub .mobi
Amazon Kindle
Barnes & Noble Nook
eReaders such as Kobo
Sony Reader

Free Apps for Smart Phones/Tablets

Device Software format
.epub .mobi
Android phones FB ReaderJ
Archos Tablets FB ReaderJ
FB ReaderJ
Blackberry Playbook Kobo Kindle
iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch iBooks
Kindle Fire Kindle
Palm OS mobipocket
Symbian OS mobipocket
Windows Phone 7 Kindle

Free software options for Computers, Laptops and Netbooks

Device Software format
.epub .mobi
PC Adobe Digital
Sony Reader
Kindle for PC
Mac Calibre Kindle for Mac
FB Reader

Links to websites for software and instructions



Dedicated electronic ink readers such as Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Sony Reader

Except for the Kindle which uses .mobi, all the e-ink readers use .epub as the standard format.

You do not have to download any specific software as your device is preloaded with the appropriate software but you cannot download books directly to the device, you first need to download the ebooks to a PC or Mac and then manually sync your device to the computer.  Choose the books you want or download the zipped file containing all the books. Unzip the zipped file and copy the books into a folder so that you can sync your ereader/kindle to your PC and load the books. If you are not sure how to transfer books onto your ereader/kindle, go to the HELP instructions for your ereader/kindle for more information.

The Kindle e-ink reader offers one feature that none of the others do: the ability to search across all the books from the Home Page. We love this feature which is as close to Boolean as we can hope to get at this point in time.

iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch

Our books look best when read using iBooks app on the iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch. To get the best configuration, go to Settings on the iPad, Apps -> iBooks -> then turn-off Full Justification and Auto-Hyphenation.

Your choices for apps are:

(i) iBooks – you can download the books over the air directly to your iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch. Alternatively, download the books to a PC or Mac, then sync the books to your iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch through iTunes in the same way you add music to your iPad/iPhone/iPod touch.

Pros: beautiful animations and superior appearance replicates the book reading experience; great search engine, note-taking, book-marking and highlight facilities and a built-in dictionary that does not require access to the internet for use; a great back-button (bottom left of the screen – back to page ….), and the ability to download books directly from the website (provided you have the latest update) as well as load books from an email inside your iPad. Do change your iBooks settings under your devices Settings to turn off auto-hyphenation. There is now a new night setting from within iBooks. This is our preferred reader.

Cons: none.

(ii) Stanza – you can download books directly to your iPad from our website. If you access our site through your iPhone or iPod Touch, you will be taken directly to our mobile site which has a different interface.

Pros: Direct download makes it easy to add books, a back button makes it easy to jump around the book (a little triangle in the lower left hand corner when the tool bar is showing); great search engine, a built-in dictionary but only functional when you are connected to the internet; night setting when you don’t want to disturb others whilst reading; variety of font sizes, font colour, background colour that are all easily adjustable; ability to email a book from within a book; share comments in Facebook and Twitter.

Cons: ignores most of the publisher’s settings; basic appearance without few animations; dictionary requires connection with the internet, highlighting and note-taking are unnecessarily cumbersome.

(iii) Kindle – Amazon has made it possible to side-load ebooks not purchased from Amazon on the Kindle App for iPhone/iPad. This App is excellent and the ebooks can be added over-the-air from the iPad onto the Kindle App. Page animations are nearly identical to those for the iBook. Highlighting and note-taking as well as dictionary support is excellent, so too is the Search engine though this search engine is not as good as that found on Kindle’s e-ink readers.

Pros: you can download books directly onto the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad. The appearance is very good and in some ways, even better than iBooks though some of our settings are not reflected in Kindle, e.g., we have begun to remove the underlining for hyperlinks, relying only on different colours to show the hyperlink. Kindle adds the underlining back in. Kindle also changes the image size which can be problematic on some of our ebooks. Excellent note-taking facilities, searching including through google and wikipedia. This App offers the fastest way of downloading and moving through the eBooks. The night setting is easy to turn on. This App is our second choice for reading our eBooks and really is very close in quality to iBooks.

Cons: no ability to send emails or comments from within the app.

(iv) Kobo – can be used on iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch.

Pros: Direct download makes it easy to add books; night setting for reading; interesting interface means that the promise of something better should be in the works; easy to book-mark, highlight.

Cons: No search function. This is a major deficiency.

We do not recommend this App at this time and hope that greater functionality will be added in the near-future – recent improvements have helped but we do hope a search function will be added, as note-taking and highlighting have recently been added.

Android Phones and Tablets

Your choices for free apps are:

(i) Moon+Reader – this is our favourite app for .epub formats. The animations are well done, so too is highlighting, note-taking and searching providing you are in the latest OS for Android. The App changes our book titles and we are working to fix this.

(ii) Aldiko – some of our friends have not been happy with the way this App forces users to their book store and to get the full benefit of the App, you must pay for the upgrade.

(iii) Kobo -read the comments under iPad above for the problem with this App.

(iv) Kindle – a great App but it does not seem that you can download the ebooks directly to Android devices, over the air.

(v) Mantano Reader – a great app but the best functions are found in the paid version (similar to Aldiko).

Other Devices such as Blackberry Playbook and Windows Phones

It is our understanding that App choices are limited.  Blackberry Playbook and Windows Phone 7 do  have Kindle.  Both have Kobo.  We will update this page as more information comes to our attention.