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Days of Remembrance


Tablets of the Divine Plan


The Riḍván Messages 1950-2017

Author:The Universal House of Justice

Regarding Economic Life, 1 March 2017

Author:The Universal House of Justice

Shoghi Effendi: The Range and Power of His Pen

Author:‘Alí Nakhjávání
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«خاطرات یو تاب» راوی داستانی از زندگی یک جوان بهایی ایرانی است با تمام شباهت‌ها و تفاوت‌هایش با دیگر جوانان این سرزمین. نویسنده، چالش‌های این جوان برای رسیدن به تفاهم در الگوهای متفاوت زندگی را به تصویر می‌کشد و نمونه ‌ای ملموس از همزیستی بین عقیده‌ها و سلیقه‌های مختلف را ارائه می‌دهد. برای خواندن این […]


Special Announcement

As a result of collaboration between the Bahá’í Publishing Trust of the United States and Bahá’í eBooks Publications, we are very pleased to announce the forthcoming release of several new ebooks on the Bahá’í eBooks Publications website. This announcement signifies the deepening relationship between the Publishing Trust and Bahá’í eBooks Publications and our mutual commitment to providing Bahá’í content eBooks to the masses at little or no cost. It is our hope that as this relationship further develops more and more eBook titles will become available and in multiple languages. Please continue to check our website for the availability of a growing list of eBook titles!